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What People Are Saying
As a person who started life without ASL or a visual language, Sheena is a staunch advocate for bilingual pedagogies. Also importantly is Sheena’s passion for the promotion of Deaf role models, culture and community.
Dr. Roz Rosen, Director of National Center on Deafness of CSUN
The Pearls, the vision, the execution, the filming, editing, captioning, directing…absolutely top level work.
Barbara Montan
Sheena is a young woman with strong intelligence, wonderful personality, and tremendous enthusiasm. She shows amazing creativity with the use of American Sign Language, particularly with her ASL Nook website. Her passion shows in all that she does each day.
Debbie White, ASL Lecturer at the University of Texas
Many learn-to-sign videos available on the internet are too instructional, too formal, and not entertaining to enable ASL learners to relax. Yours are entertaining, thematic, accessible, and most of all, CUTE!
ASL Nook Viewer
It is evident to me that whatever Sheena does, or touches, turns to gold.
Lauren Maucere, Teacher at Marlton School
Sheena is the most indispensable colleague with an eagle eye on details and schedules. She is the person you will want to be in your foxhole, Super reliable, charismatic, trustworthy.
David G. Simmons, Colleague